Thursday, April 25, 2013

80-Page Thursday: Superman 80-Page Giant 2011!

We've got a few more 80-pagers coming, maybe even a month's worth if we're lucky! And we're starting with one I waited some time to get: Superman 80-Page Giant 2011, featuring stories by Beau Tidwell, Abhay Khosla, Joe Caramagna, and more; with art by Amilcar Pinna, Eddy Barrows, Dean Haspiel, and more. And it's pretty solid!

Jor-El stars in the lead, "First Time for Everything," as Superman's dad tries to get around the Kryptonian cops and find evidence he hopes isn't there. Wildcat guests with Perry White in "Old Men Talking in Bars," which also features a Guardian cameo; as Perry and Wildcat have a drink or seven and worry about their sons. Both solid stories, but trumped by "Quarter-Life Crisis of Infinite Jimmy Olsens," as "science terrorists" kidnap and clone Jimmy Olsen! A hundred Olsens running through Metropolis, all living their short half-lives as fast as they can: it's a little too morbid for a classic Jimmy Olsen story, but the mad ideas of it remain.

To forget more about others, Bizarro am isolating him from all Bizarrokind...not unlike a certain someone's walk across the country. Except the rest of the Bizarro World won't leave him alone! Then, Supergirl's dating life is ruined after an alien bloodsucking monster attacks from the fair's freakshow; Lois Lane rises to Lana Lang's challenge to find the owner of a lost debit card, and Superboy tries to blow off some steam, which of course leads to a run-in with a werewolf.

A good find, and I picked it up with two others I'd been holding out for: the DC Comics Presents hundred-pagers Superboy's Legion and Batman: Dark Knight, Dark City! The former is a great Alan Davis Elseworlds, the latter my favorite Riddler story from Peter Milligan and Kieron Dwyer! And all three ran me less than ten bucks at Hastings! Nice.

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