Wednesday, April 03, 2013

"More News at Eleven."

The DCUC Clark Kent figure and the new Marvel Legends Hyperion were both on my work table, so I wanted to do something with them both. Then, I wanted to compare Hyperion to the old Sentry Toy Biz figure, since the Sentry is the running change and will get a new figure with the Hyperion body. By that point, throwing in Captain Marvel (or Shazam, if you must) seemed like a given.

Hopefully, this one should remind you of classic wrestling, as Clark Kent is once again overrun on the mike. Both Sentry and Captain Marvel seem baby-faced compared to Hyperion, though.


Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha, you know this is right up my alley. I might have to break out my wrestling figures now.

Love the sequel to the first News at 11 there Goo.

I like that Hyperion figure actually, even though the face could've used a little bit more work. But that's really a minor complaint when we already know that the days and standards of super great quality that Toy Biz's ML waves brought us are long gone. Still, like I said a pretty decent figure, and a good starting point to hopefuly more Squardron Supremers.

SallyP said...


I do have one question can Captain Marvel go around yelling Shazaam, and not turn into Billy?

lead sharp said...

ok that strip was funny.

@Sally I think since the rebooted universe Shazam is a whole different kettle of fish now, he's not called Cap' Marvel they now just call him Shazam, kinda lame.

Randy Jackson said...

ROFL....good one Googum. I love seeing Clark hit with the steel chair and his delayed reaction.