Monday, April 29, 2013

No blog today!

Well, not really, anyway. Yesterday, the kids, the girlfriend, and I went to Cat Tales and saw the lions, tigers, and so forth. Including a glum and uncredited bear:

That was a lot of fun! Then, we came home, and while I watched Chronicle and the Tom Baker/Dr. Who special on BBC America; the Youngest and I packed a ton of boxes for my upcoming move.

So many boxes...most of that is from my main bookshelf, which was overloaded well beyond usefulness, as there were books I haven't seen in ages there. Then, there's about two and a half boxes of VHS tapes: the Youngest boxed them up like a champ; although the Girlfriend is somewhat appalled that I even have a VCR anymore. But sometimes there's stuff that somehow still hasn't made it to DVD, let alone Blu-Ray. Like this one!

Yes, "the Only X-Men Animated Adventure Ever Created!" Except, um, all those others. It's still only on VHS, the old animated pilot, released in 1992: X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men. As usual, don't pay that price for a VHS copy, but if you can't hold out, as usual these days you can just watch it online, yes?

With a little luck, I should be back to work tomorrow. Unless my spine crimps up from moving this nonsense...

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Dale Bagwell said...

Nice!!! I used to have this same tape, and an old episode of the 60's Iron Man on VHS too, and the cover had Ron Lim art to boot;)