Tuesday, April 09, 2013

They really could use a bigger tank. Or habitat. Or whatever.

Got a pile of figures this weekend! Seventeen loose figures from eBay, including the classic Brainiac and Luthor there!

The only downside? A few duplicates, and short on accessories. Mr. Terrific didn't come with his stupid T-Sphere thing, for instance. I don't need it, probably wouldn't use it, yet it somehow gnaws on me that he doesn't have it. Ditto the silly Bat-Laptop thing that came with the Imperiex series Batman. I skipped him when he first came out, but the paint really makes him look like Burton-era Batman.

Anyway, finished a strip with some of the new figures already, but might not schedule it for a bit.


Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha, so jealous of the Polo shirt-wearing Brainiac you got, and that classic LOD Luthor looks pretty good as well. I remember reading this guy's website of customs and he jokingly theorized that Luthor must have those dollar store expandible dinosaurs in those pouches or something;)

Looking at the bottle city of Kandor, and the pic of Brainiac taping on the glass makes it like he's either using those bubble pop-up things that roll the dice like on those board games or he's popping popcorn. Personally I like the popcorn angle, but that's just me.

SallyP said...

Nothing like wearing purple/pink and green, to loudly announce..."I Am A Villain!"