Friday, June 13, 2014

Flaming the same comic twice, as it were.

It took about thirty seconds of Google to find the Flame did appear again a couple times, but I was mildly surprised he appeared twice in the same comic: Thor Annual #18, "The Flame: Rekindled" Written by Ron Marz, art by Tom Raney.

It's a ten-page story, that doesn't really have ten pages worth of plot: after the Flame drags himself out of the hardened lava, Loki is there to offer him a job. The Flame takes back his mask, still believing himself to be hideously ugly, but only wants revenge on Thor. Loki gives him a bit of a "Friend Like Me" number from Aladdin, changing into a dragon, a woman, a monster, and Thor--the way Loki phrases it all is a bit odd.

The Flame, being apparently a bit dim, signs up. What a maroon. And showed up in the next year's annual. Do I have that one? Ah, who cares. I do like Grindberg's art in the first half and Raney's here, but the Flame is a tool.


SallyP said...

But Loki does seem to be enjoying himself.

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha! I can definitely see Loki doing an evil version of you've never had a friend like me. Good call.