Saturday, June 28, 2014

This is only going to make sense to a couple people, but here goes: my Youngest son has a bit of the autism. He's fairly well functioning now, and is doing very well in school; so I'm pretty pleased with him.

My ex-wife told me, she saw he was going on YouTube, and asked him what he was watching. "Nothing," he said, like every other kid ever. When she pressed him on it...he was watching videos about hand dryers.

Of course, she asked him why, but she remembered he used to be afraid of them. He explained, "if I learn about them, I won't be afraid anymore." And near as I can tell, he's not.

Kid can tell you a lot about dryers now, though. More than you probably expected to ever hear, yeah. This also explains the ads I keep getting, too:


Dale Bagwell said...

Wow, he does huh? Seems like he's managing it pretty well. Not to mention how smart he is with this example.

I think he'll be alright goo.

SallyP said...

Good for him. My oldest son is mildly autistic as well, and he can be a handful sometimes. But an adorable handful.