Thursday, June 26, 2014


At the local Target stores, over in the section with the Pokemon and baseball cards and whatnot; I kept seeing those little gravity-feed displays of Marvel Avengers vs. X-Men dice. Just the displays, though; the dice were always sold out! So I bought a couple fists-full worth from eBay. How it's played, I couldn't say, but here we are.

Plus, I just like the phrase "crapshoot," even if I don't know the rules for craps off the top of my head, either. (I'm sure the girlfriend could walk me through it!)


SallyP said...

I don't know either...but what the hey.

Dale Bagwell said...

Ditto, but it always sounded interesting due to the title alone.

Hitting out the park this week man;)

Susan said...

A dice game that determines how many times you should hit someone? Brilliant!