Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Lunch Break."

I got the newer Marvel Legend Deadpool off eBay a few months back; and was waiting for the right time to bring him in. Of course, I was a few months ahead a while ago. Lazy sod...

In other news, even though I'm trying to eat better, I have to admit I like tofu. With meat. Sometimes two or three kinds of meat and tofu. Is that weird?


Dale Bagwell said...

No, you're not weird, tofu in general is. Flavor-less but healthier for you? That's ok, i'm good. No point in paying a monthly insurance deductable if you're not going to use it right?:)

So essentially you have two Deadpools now. Bastard! Lol.

Love the bit w/Amy. I could see Hollywood celebs and supermodels doing the same thing if given the chance.

SallyP said...

I fear that Kurt is not having a particularly good time.