Friday, March 27, 2015

"Bulletproof Robin."

Has Damian lost his powers yet? I haven't been keeping up, but that seems like one of DC's few books that inexplicably may have lighter moments. Somehow.

I also didn't really pay attention to the Captain Marvel/Shazam reboot, except that I think they made Billy Batson a little older and more jaded, less wide-eyed innocent, more mouthy; which is doubtless more realistic, which is of course what you expect in your comics about a boy getting the powers of various mythological figures from a wizard. Billy is probably supposed to be older than Damian, but would probably still be impressed by him.


CalvinPitt said...

Good timing! I think Damien just used up the powers this week. Batman got the Justice League to bring out some old baddies' giant robot, and let Damien "help" by smashing it, in the process exhausting whatever is giving him powers.

And Billy did seem really impressed with Damien.

Dale Bagwell said...

Probably the could be/could've been the new odd couple those two.

Oh the fucking trouble those two could get into just off damien alone.....

SallyP said...

As written by Geoff Johns, Billy is back to being wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, and not quite the surly little jerk that he was.

In other words, actually like Billy.

Damian naturally IS surly and a bit of a jerk, but heck, I still am glad the little monster is back.