Friday, March 20, 2015

"The Stabbiest Robin."

Hadn't picked anything up for a couple of weeks, so I got the DC Collectibles Son of Batman: Robin figure, from the recent animated movie that I haven't seen yet. Come to think of it, I may not have even read a lot of comics with Damian Wayne (and I'm going to misspell Damian about every other time...) but I like the idea of the character. How old is he supposed to be now? And I don't think the powers he picked up in his recent resurrection are going to stick, but still fun.

He is kind of a tiny figure for the price, though. Could've used another accessory or unmasked head or some damn thing...


Dale Bagwell said...

I've watched the Son of Batman movie and it was prety damn decent actually. Sure it's a super condensed version of evetns, but still worth a looksie.

"Gonna' cut you like My dad cut my mom outta' my life."
Dude that's seriously THE line for the half-year so far.
Ha ha ha.

That's a decent Damien figure though. Not much POA I see, but not bad.

Eric Stettmeier said...

I didn't like the 'toon, but then I read every issue it's based on, so I felt they really tore it down and missed the point on a lot of levels.

Anyways, I don't think he's any more than 11 or 12. Maybe even closer to 10.