Thursday, March 26, 2015

Reinforcements! Or replacements. Either or.

Over on Twitter, gave the head's up on Hasbro Toy Shop selling Star Wars Black six-inch Stormtroopers for $10 on eBay! That's half-off, but I showed a little restraint and only got two, partially because I figured Han and Luke in Stormtrooper disguise would further fill out the ranks. Still, over the course of a few days, I believe Hasbro sold over two thousand Troopers!

Then I had to spend some time searching my records, since I had three prior, but only logged two in last year's Year in Toys! Senile old goat...

I'm not getting every Star Wars Black offering, but I'm dying to get Bossk and IG-88. When are they showing up? I couldn't even hazard a guess. The aforementioned Twitter has been killing me, since I see a lot of people playing with figures I haven't seen hide nor hair of locally. Everything will probably turn up eventually, but I want them now, damnit!

Well, maybe in a bit. I'm having some fun now now.


SallyP said...

You are just so lucky to have a plethora of cannon fodder in all shapes and sizes!

Dale Bagwell said...

That he is.
Brother, you know I can feel your pain on that one. I joined a couple Marvel Legends groups on Facebook, and its the same deal with me; some lucky schumk's playing or showing off figures I won't see around here until way later in the year or if I buy them online.

Funny bit with the troopers though.
Could go either way to me. Either thr troopers and Hydra guys all realize that they all are at the same level in life being henchmen....or it's like high school. You don't like your school's squad, but you've been conditioned to hate the other school's squad even more.