Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Our alien world is merely changing the color of the backdrop, which actually did unexpected things to the lighting. I still have it up (or did when I wrote this part!) so when I enter the room the orange is still unexpected. The only other set dressing are the old Hydra soldiers, and I'm pretty sure I bought my whole Hydra army for cheaper than what it's going for on Amazon now.

The newer Captain America Marvel Legends: Agent of Hydra looks far more sophisticated compared to the old guys, though. Which is why he's their leader, which works out because the new one only came with one head style, and I don't have high hopes of getting more of him on the cheap.

I think a cruise ship can carry something like a quarter of a million gallons of water; or at least that's what I thought Google said when I was trying to come up with a number. Would Deadpool's ship use water for anything besides drinking, showers, the jacuzzi? And I just thought of Pool's jacuzzi and my tummy went all rumbly. That would be like cancer soup...maybe all that water has to go to the engine room, like the last couple Star Trek movies. I swear they have boilers down there, it's steam-warp drive.

The word "fetch" appears courtesy of Mean Girls, all rights reserved.


SallyP said...

Well...I did not see that coming!

Dale Bagwell said...

You actually referenced Mean Girls? Oh Goo....should I be worried? LOL.

Hydra huh. Well that's topical.
Wonder where we go from here.