Friday, March 13, 2015

The X-Men fighting the Cactus guy probably would've been more fun.

This was an oddball little story, with some villains that were probably forgotten when they first sppeared, but here goes: on their way home from the desert and teaming-up with Spider-Man in 1976's Marvel Team-Up Annual #1, the X-Men are flying back in their X-shuttle and drop Spidey off to tussle with Woodgod and the Hulk in 1977's Marvel Team-Up #53, conveniently reprinted in 1992's Marvel Tales #262, which features this back-up story with the X-Men versus Sunstroke. "A Case of Sunstroke" Written by Barry Dutter, art by Vince Evans. Sunstroke actually first appeared in 1987's West Coast Avengers #17, as an agent of the alien Dominus, working with Cactus, Gila, and Butte. He was not a breakout character.

This story sticks to the continuity, where Jean Grey had recently become the awesomely powerful Phoenix (sort of) but passed out, a lot. In fact, the story works in continuity very well, but it's not a necessary patch or anything. It's just five pages, which is short enough to not wear out it's welcome. I wouldn't mind if a lot of the upcoming Secret Wars tie-ins were five page shots, for the same reason...

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Douglas said...

As I understand, it actually is a continuity patch--to allow the X-Men to appear in Marvel Team-Up Annual #1 and MTU #53 between pages 6 and 7 of X-Men #101... so Jean gets out of the hospital, appears in those stories, then gets hospitalized again.