Friday, May 28, 2021

If you felt tremors, well, last night was date night...

On the cover of this one, while clutching Hyperion for a big kiss, Thundra is also clutching her big mace-chain thing, like she was going to need it sooner rather than later...y'know, that's their private business, I won't speculate. From 2016, Hyperion #5, written by Chuck Wendig, art by Ario Anindito, color art by Romulo Fajardo Jr. Cover by Elizabeth Torque.
While I'm familiar with Squadron Supreme or Sinister versions of Hyperion, the current Marvel universe one isn't as well known to me; although I believe he served a stretch on Jonathan Hickman's Avengers. In this short series--one of like ninety Marvel shoved onto a weakened market at the same time, like Red Wolf, Black Knight, and I think a bunch of Guardians of the Galaxy solo books--the Superman-esque hero was struggling to figure out his place in that world, and had saved a young runaway and her dog from her crime boss stalker/possible father "Junior" and his evil carnival and its captured pet alien. In gratitude, the girl called Doll wants to help Hype get some action. Whatever his tastes might be...
Doll sets him up for speed dating, and while there are willing prospects, Hyperion thinks it's a bad idea, and he would be better off alone. On his way back to his truck, his brooding keeps him from noticing Thundra until she's right on top of him. Figuratively first, then literally. They had been glancing at each other in the Squadron, and she had left Arkon--yay, he sucks!--so why not?
After a session on top of a small town's water tower--oh, no way that thing was durable enough for that--Thundra urges her to let Doll handle herself, and get down to giving her some daughters. Oh, and she had passed the destroyed carnival and noticed someone pulling themselves from the wreckage: Junior. Hyperion realizes he would go after Doll, and he and Thundra go get some information from Junior's skeezy mind-controlling carnie, Big Bally. Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Doll and her dog are Iron Man! Who's looking for "the hyper-powered war criminal," so that probably wasn't going to be a friendly chat.
I pulled two issues of this out of the dollar bin recently, but I suspect the distribution for that last issue was a bit less, even with Iron Man catching a beating on the cover.

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Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Chuck wendig wrote this huh? As in the guy Marvel fired for...reasons?
I see he wrote this book and the title instantly made thing maybe you should bet it and read it: "You Can Do Anything, Magic Skeleton!: Monster Motivations to Move Your Butt and Get You to Do the Thing."
Sounds like a great motivational tool...that hopefully won't get you fired by the cancel culture movement, ha ha.

Anyhoo, Hyperion and Doll sounds like a nice relationship/story structure to revolve a series around. Lots of drama. Lots of will they/won't they all that that people love to see.