Friday, June 18, 2021

Grubs calls Hawkman "rooster," but may just wish he had a cool mask, to cover his crazy eyes.

Ugh, I knew I remembered reading the previous issue, I should've remembered that one was two out of four. From 2004, Hawkman #30, "Fate's Warning, part 3 of 4" Written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, pencils by Ryan Sook, inks by Mick Gray.
Hawkman had been arrested for the so-called "Angel killings," taken to a police station that seemed to have a movie marquee with gargoyles, and given the business by hardass cop Grubs. Hawkman calmly refuses to unmask, citing the first amendment, claiming that he symbolizes Horus and that it was an "emblematic mask to be worn in public." That...that kind of sounds like a load, not like something he actually believes, but it holds for now. I wonder how it would go over if he was heard talking to himself in a cell; where he was actually conversing with his old friend Ray Palmer, who thought he needed to get out and find the killer. Meanwhile, Hawkgirl was shaking down various thugs for leads.
Singer (and possible love interest for Carter) Domina Paris is attacked by the killer, a monstrous sort that wore a red 'X' across his chest that resembled J'onn J'onzz's harness, except in blood. Hawkgirl joins the fight, with Domina getting a pretty solid shot in with a microphone stand; but the cops interfere again and the killer escapes with Domina over his shoulder. Hawkgirl is captured by Grubs, but busts out of the wagon, and goes to "the one rational cop left in this city," Isabella; who agrees and gets Hawkman his wings and out of jail. 

Elsewhere, the killer goes on a long speech involving plague rats and the city's namesake, St. Roch; to an unconscious and distressed Domina. Maybe in four years we'll get to the conclusion... 

I liked seeing Ray here, but I wonder if he'll get to do anything except serve as Hawkman's conscience here. I also wonder if the relationship between the Hawks and the cops would continue to deteriorate; I thought they were usually pretty close.

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Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Chicago cops yeah, or wherever their home was during the Silver Age. But in Louisiana, a state INFAMOUS for corrupt cops? Not likely.

I never got the relationship between Carter and Ray either. Definitely seemed like an odd, odd pairing. The only thing they had in common was being superheroes, fellow leaguers, being forced to share a book since sales weren't there to support full-on solos for the two, and their passion for their civilian jobs. I mean it works and all, but I never got why.