Friday, December 24, 2010

Yeah, this Green Hornet would need a few rewrites...

Last week, Comics Alliance had a contest for your weirdest dreams about comics. I couldn't think of anything at the time, but since I have today off, I was able to sleep in; and doing so, I had a weird dream about Green Hornet.

Keep in mind, I know of the Hornet, but aside from the movie trailer, I don't think I've ever watched an episode of the show or read one of the comics. The Hornet was trying to protect his dad, in a big downtown L.A. hotel, from an army of cloned thugs. His dad recognized him immediately, since that's not much of a mask, and wanted him to "quit being stupid" and give him up, since he didn't want to see his son killed.

The bad guy, was Courtney Love. And she apparently had the powers of Marvel's Absorbing Man, and wasn't a character, she was playing herself. At one point, as the Hornet sits on her back and smashes her face in the carpet, to keep her from using her powers, he says, "Oh, it's not the worst thing you've ever had on you, you're Courtney Love!" Eventually, the Hornet wraps Courtney up in Christmas paper, and stuffs her in a locker. (I know I saw Thor do something similar before.)

The cloned goons are programmed to self-destruct after they hear a certain song, and the Hornet's discovered it. Since there are wedding parties in the hotel, there are DJs, and he gets them all to play the song...Will Smith's "Summertime." (The DJ's are much less anxious to help when they learn the song.) The clones won't destruct until after hearing the whole song, though, so the Hornet has to fight them for the duration. He isn't helped by DJ's remixing the hell out of it; but eventually Kato arrives to start busting heads.

Anyway, have a good holiday!


SallyP said...

This was a dream, right? Well, I've certainly read crappier comics than that!

Susan said...

My husband says your dream sounds better than the upcoming Green Hornet movie. I have to agree. :)