Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why the hell did I shoot this on a green background?

GL Sinestro is in the background, behind Alan.
If I had to guess, I probably spent...maybe seven bucks on Green Lantern comics last year. Mostly issues of Blackest Night from the dollar bin; and maybe a quarter issue or two. And now I've spent about $43 on Green Lantern figures: the Wal-Mart exclusive box set, the also Wal-Mart exclusive DCUC Wave Golden Age GL (Alan Scott), and the DC Direct Justice League International G'Nort! (I thought G'Nort made entirely too many appearances in the 80's going into the 90's, but he's fun in small doses.)

My goal was not to pay full price for the box set, and while I succeeded, I think I got the very last one from the only Wal-Mart in town that had it! And they had a pretty good pile of 'em at one point, and I wonder how many sold at full price, and how many after Christmas at half-off. And how many are going to end up on eBay sometime this summer...or if I missed a pile of them somewhere. Alan was also marked down a bit.

The grey-haired Hal had a scrape or two, and I didn't care for Guy's hips; but still not bad. Alan had more stray paint scrapes on his cape, but not bad either. G'nort, however, has a few on his tail; and it is really tough to get it attached to him: the little hole on his back, is just small enough that it'll scrape the paint off the plug that goes in. And I think I'd forgotten G'nort even had a tail.

Poor G'nort is also shorted a power battery! For some reason, I'm almost positive his lantern was vaguely doghouse shaped. On the plus side, his mouth moves, which is just neat.

The only thing that would've improved this batch of purchases, would've been to get the new Kyle Rayner figure, since he might be the last GL I need. Ah, I say that, but I'd probably buy Stel given the chance. I doubt I'll get a lot of Sinestro Corps or Red Lanterns, but you never know.

G'nort was from my local Suncoast store, which is closing its doors. Although I haven't bought as much stuff from there in recent years, when I worked in the mall and got a discount there, I bought many the figure. I will be sorry to see them go, and wish their employees the best.

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SallyP said...

Oooohhh! Green Lanterns! You certainly know the way to my heart. I have that G'nort figure, and while he doesn't DO much, it is adorable that his little tongue sticks out.

I do love the shocked look on Tomar's face.