Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No animals were harmed during this post. Really, this time.

I had a pretty good run of Sandman Mystery Theatre at one point, but I think I sold it before a move. And of course, now I wish I hadn't. Recently, I've run across more than a couple batches of that series in the quarter bins, and while tempting, it usually (maybe even always?) ran in four-issue arcs, and is too hard to put together. I could pull ten issues for $2.50 right now, but none in order! Somehow, they would all be part three of four. Like this one!

This copy of Sandman Mystery Theatre #3 is in pretty bad shape, but still not a bad read. Wesley Dodds, the titular Sandman, is pretty new to the mystery-man game; and has only recently just met his future wife Dian. Their relationship is a big part of the book, along with some frankly grisly crimes, and great art by Guy Davis, who would go on to draw the hell out of B.P.R.D. This issue was written by Matt Wagner, with a photo-cover by Gavin Wilson.

This will make me sound like a bad comics fan, but I've never read all of Gaiman's Sandman. Wes is usually the Sandman I think of first, and although I know I've read Justice League of America and Justice Society issues with him, they were always of him as an enfeebled old man: this series is what gives him his due. Most of Sandman Mystery Theatre appears to be in trade, but I'm not sure about all of it.

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