Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I didn't think I was a Tron fan, yet here we are.

Hmm. I know I saw the original Tron in the theatre when I was a kid (I mainly recall the cheer for the 3-second Pac-Man cameo) and read the Brian Daley adaptation of the movie. I wasn't great at the original Tron game, being particularly bad at the lightcycle stage. I liked the later Discs of Tron better.

I never had the Tron figures from 1982 as a kid, but years later I got the 20th anniversary reissues (for a steep discount) and then Mercury (the girl) and Jet (the guy) from Tron 2.0 in 2003. All from NECA, although I believe the old ones were made by Tomy.

And the new Sam Flynn figure, I got for half-off at the Wal-Mart by my work, which for some reason, doesn't seem to be carrying the pile of Tron: Legacy stuff other stores are. Sam was the only one they had, and he was immediately clearanced. Weird. It's a gimmicky figure, with the voice chip and light-up moving face; but it's a pretty good gimmick.
My timing on these pictures?  Not great.

The last time I tried to watch Tron, was over at a friend's house, and I fell asleep. To be fair, that was pretty late and after a hard night drinking borderline completely abusively; but I don't think any of us finished it that time. If it wasn't for the novel and the South Park episode "You Have 0 Friends" my recollection of Tron would be a lot fuzzier. But I am looking forward to seeing Tron: Legacy, even if I'm probably not going to be there first in line...

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