Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"The End" Week: Marvel Universe #7!

Don't care much for the dad, but love his daughter...
I shouldn't like this one as much as I do: I don't have any great fondness for the characters here: Dr. Druid. Ulysses Bloodstone. Zawadi, a Wakandan warrior woman who may have not appeared before this storyline. (Yup!) Makkari, of the Eternals. (Actually, I did kinda like his appearances in Quasar.) And a couple of surprise reveals that make sense in the end.
I think I've seen that bit before, but in the Marvel Universe, Moby Dick is a helluva read.

But Roger Stern has a pretty good storyline, playing with some of the better toys and locations from the Marvel Universe; and a couple of good partners on the art front: Jason Armstrong and Mike Manley. They deliver a clean, Kirby-infused style, that's about perfect for this one.

This series had been intended as an ongoing anthology book, opening with an Invaders three-parter. While I like this issue, a four-issue Monster Hunters storyline may not have been the way to go there; unless you were going to throw Wolverine in there or some damn thing. Odds are the market wouldn't have supported it anyway, but maybe two issues, then something else, coming back to the Monster Hunters later, and we might've gotten to see more of the Marvel Universe as a title.
I would buy action figures of everyone involved here, to get a Build-a-Figure Tricephalous.
Marvel Universe #7, "Monsters Attack!" Written by Roger Stern, pencils by Jason Armstrong, inks by Mike Manley.

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SUBZERO said...

Man, I bought those issues and I think I never got the end of the SAVAGE LAND story. I have looked for the single issues but can´t find them. On the other side I´m too much of a cheapskates to buy the trade for one or two issues.

I especially liked the art by Mike Manley.