Friday, December 24, 2010

How big is that clubhouse, anyway?

For some time now, I've wanted to do a Legion of Super Heroes post, but have never had enough Legionnaires to pull it off. (The ones I have make appearances here and there, like giving Booster Gold the hassle or bravely facing Validus parts.

That line is how I always think of the Clubhouse, yes.
Still, even with a handful of Legionnaires, I still think it would be fun. I do wish I had a few more, like Mon-El. All the powers of Superboy, which meant the writers usually just sent him to the ass end of the galaxy to keep him busy. I know there's a new Mon-El coming from a recent, and terrible, and already finished and swept under the rug, Superman storyline; but...blah.

(I was trying to do a post on the end of War of the Supermen, but couldn't do it without it just being a full page of swearing. I paid a dollar for that book, and still feel cheated. Seriously, hated it, and not in the sense of 'this wasn't a comic for my tastes,' or, 'this comic was not executed well,' but in that I want everyone involved with it, from publishing down to printing, fired and blacklisted. You can't believe it's from the same company that brought you Grant Morrison's All-Star Superman: Morrison gives a bloody master class on how to write Superman, and no one at DC was paying attention. And WotS segues ever so well into future storylines: "100,000 Kryptonians and however many humans are dead!...guess I'll go for a walk.")

Anyway, where was I? Ah, this is reference, since I might try to build--build should be in quotes there, since I'd be using construction paper--a Legion Clubhouse backdrop. I'd also like to make a little voting desk for them, too. With light-up yes and no...OK, I don't know if I see that happening, but it's an idea.

Scans from Secret Origins #46, "The Little Clubhouse that Could," 'Word Kid' Gerald Jones, 'Pencil Lad' Curt Swan, 'Ink Boy' Ty Templeton. Thrill to the secret origin of Fortress Lad! Or not. Hey, this is the one with Arm-Fall-Off-Boy, though.

From Secret Origins #37, "The Secret Origin of the Legion of Super Substitute Heroes" Written and drawn by Ty Templeton, inked by Anthony Van Bruggen. A classic, and this issue also has the non-rapey origin of Dr. Light!

And lastly, a brief panel from DC Comics Presents #59, "Ambush Bug II" Story and breakdown by Keith Giffen, additional dialogue by Paul Levitz, finishes by Kurt Schaffenberger. Superman and the Legion of Substitute Heroes vs. Ambush Bug, and it's hilarious.

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