Thursday, December 02, 2010

That issue in a thirteen-part crossover that's filler? This one.

Smith cheats a little: I'm pretty sure there's buildings next to Strange's; here it looks like it's in the middle of Central Park.  Magic!
Over the last little bit, I've been writing up the chapters of the "Blood and Thunder" crossover that I have. It ran through Thor, Silver Surfer, Warlock, the Warlock Chronicles, and Warlock and the Infinity Watch. I read the Surfer chapters back in 1993 when they came out, and here's one of them: Silver Surfer #87, "Strange Affairs" Written by Ron Marz, pencils by Andy Smith, inks by Tom Christopher.

With Thor insane, and Beta Ray Bill already down, Adam Warlock and the Silver Surfer go to get a consult: Dr. Strange. So most of the issue is them wandering around Strange's house, seeing weird crap and getting attacked by stuff before Strange realizes they were there. (The Surfer had been there many times in his Defenders days, but warns Adam that the house is dangerous, even to them.)
If your friends could see your imaginary girlfriend; I don't know if that would be super-awesome or crushingly embarassing...

After more recap of the storyline, Strange uses a crystal ball (presumably, the Orb of Agamotto, I believe) to see Thor and the Valkyrie in space, probably headed towards Asgard. Strange can see the imaginary Valkyrie because of his magic, just as Warlock can see her with the Soul Gem. Except...the Surfer can see her too. Uh-oh.

After a brief interlude, with Sif taking care of the beat-down Beta Ray Bill; the Infinity Watch arrives at Strange's. They had a run-in with Thor that did not go well: Moondragon tried to use her Mind Gem to cure Thor, and instead somehow brought the Valkyrie to life. Thor beat Drax the Destroyer, and took his Power Gem, then took off to destroy Asgard with it.

While I suppose you couldn't just bring Dr. Strange into this story in two panels--well, I guess you could, but it doesn't seem fair to the character--this issue feels a lot like filler. A. Lot. There's a lot of recap, and five splash pages out of twenty-two story pages. And while I like Andy Smith's art, I hate Strange's hair in this one.


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