Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"The End" Week Addendum: I see dead comics, apparently...

This is only the second time I've done "The End" week specifically to look at last issues, but over the years and through that ever-popular happenstance I've hit a few other ones prior.
Lawdog #10
Morbius #32
Warlord #10 (The Bruce Jones series.)
Marc Spector: Moon Knight #60
Badger #70
La Cosa Nostroid IX (I may still do a longer post on that one someday.)
Avengers #402
Captain America #50
Star Trek: Early Voyages #17
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy #19
El Diablo #16 and Green Goblin #13, a double whammy!
Silver Surfer #18 (The Surfer's first last issue.)

Bloody hell, while some of those aren't full-on writeups, I think I've read more last issues than first issues for this blog. And I'm scratching the surface. Reckon I could do a week of Unknown Soldier, Doom Patrol, and Moon Knight alone. (Not counting limiteds, I know I have two last issues for each of those books! And they've had more!)

Of course, you may realize by now that comic book numbering is, at best, completely arbitrary. And some books are always going to sell about the same amount of copies, whether the number on the cover is #1, #97, #337, or #-π. Just a crapshoot on multiple levels; but that's to be expected around here.

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