Tuesday, April 15, 2008

File your taxes, snake the drain.

My wife does the taxes (since she has to itemize some of her business) and I have to snake the drains. I don't know who's getting the better end of the deal on that one.

New toy comic tomorrow. In the meantime, here's a two-page spread from Ultraforce/Avengers #1, "Becoming More Like God" Written by Warren Ellis, art by George Perez, and featuring a couple dozen of the 1990's independent comic heroes...
Admittedly, I could just barely cram this into my scanner.
...who were apparently all wiped out in the next few pages of the issue, but have fun seeing who you can identify. I've lost the cover and copyright info for this one, so I don't have all of them, either. I know Perez's Crimson...Plague? and Sachs and Violens are in there, Chaykin's American Flagg!, Edge, Dragon Lines, Groo...there's a few more easy ones, but give it a onceover and see who rings your bell.

There's a little Ellis touch in this issue that I've always liked: The Ultraverse and the Marvel Universe are Amalgamated together (it was all the rage, in the 90's) by Nemesis, the seventh Infinity Gem-slash-operating system. (And no relation to either of the previous Marvel or DC Nemeses. Nemesises?) Nemesis runs the conglomerated universe in fast-forward for twenty minutes, from creation to roughly the present; until it breaks when Topaz punches Loki in the face: "Elements from two wildly different continua--the structure snapped." A cool universe break, and one that often occurs to me when I have toys from four different universes on the same shelf.

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billjac said...

Did you cut off the edge of the page in your scan? I see Groo's swords but I don't see Groo. I want to see a Perez-drawn Groo!