Monday, April 07, 2008

Old roommate of Skrullduggery Week:
It would be easier to list people who have never been replaced by a Skrull...
I need to think of a time for this, a recurring feature around here. No, not Skrullduggery Week; I need a name for that thing where I bag on comics I have no intention of paying cash money for.

My Oldest son ran off with the free copy of Secret Invasion Saga we got from the Comic Book Shop, so I've only skimmed through it, and thus don't know if this little number is in there: recapping Avengers #209 in Defenders #105, where a Skrull trader replaces the Avengers' butler Jarvis. This was (presumably) a short-term infiltration, the sort of thing where the Skrull knocks the target over the head with a pipe, ties them up in a closet, and takes his place to do whatever right away. The short game seems like a lot easier and safer way to go: if you disguise yourself as say, an Avenger, for weeks or months, you vastly increase your odds of being noticed as not who you claim to be, or worse, getting killed by one of the Avengers' foes.

I've clicked on a few of the spoilers for Secret Invasion, and I know the Skrulls are now undetectable...because, that's why. I think there's going to be a reason for that later, and I have to admit, if the Skrulls were still vulnerable to everything that's been used to find them before, the series would be over pretty quickly. I'm kind of hoping the Skrulls have gone extra-stealthy: instead of using disguised Skrulls as agents, they're using brainwashed humans. Harder to detect, no one's looking for them, less risk to the Skrulls...Well, we'll see. Now that I think about it, I believe Incredible Hercules is the only series I'm reading right now that's going to crossover there; and maybe the X-Men spinoff one. I don't know if I have high hopes for that one, but the World War Hulk: X-Men was a good enough comic.

Page from Defenders #105, "...Rising..." Written by J.M. DeMatteis, art by Don Perlin and Joe Sinnott.


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Stupid Jarvis always getting replaced by stupid Skrulls.


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