Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Batman, Inc. has so much to answer for."

I could've done this with DCIH/MU figures, and made that giant extra-huge, but no.
Over at the Fwoosh, there's a pretty long thread on the Marvel Universe Gigantic Battles figures, which of course includes the Savage Frost Giant. Some of the discussion involves just finding the damn thing, but others who have managed to put together two or more Frosties together are now working on how to differentiate them a little. (Display them as is, and they look like identical toys; mix them up a bit and they look like a Frost Giant army.) The easiest, laziest way is to display one with the helmet, one without; and perhaps try and find a different accessory for one besides the axe. not how to do that. Although, now I'm convinced that after Batman, Inc. sets up Batmen in every country in the world, Grant Morrison will get around to giving aliens their own Batmen. I was being snarky, but actually now that sounds like a bit of fun. Adam Strange deserves the job for Rann, if Bruce will let him off the hook for using a (ray)gun; and Thanagar needs a Batman something fierce.


Dale Bagwell said...

Cute skit. You know, the whole "Batman for every country/world" could go two ways; either it's done in a smart and credible manner that makes sense instead of forcing things to make sense. Or it just becomes a parody of itself. Like you said, soon other characters get shoe-horned into the concept that don't belong. I still trust Morrison, so I'll set back and watch it all unfold. So far, so good though. The whole idea already makes sense if you know you're Batman history, and know how much of a control freak Bats is as a result of that one little(well not really little)event that changed him.

Damn that was long-winded! Sorry. Methinks you should do one or two more of these; imagine all the characters you could Batman Inc-up.

James Figueiredo said...

"I feel pretty."
I can't stop laughing at that!

Handaddy's Attic said...

Good stuff on your blog. We subscribed and plan on keeping up with it.