Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I better not have a copy of this somewhere...

Maybe? I know, or at least was pretty sure I've read Hawkworld, but it's been a while. For fifty cents an issue, hell, throw another one on the pile. I have to watch that, though: I think I saw a couple copies of Warlord #10 the other day, and that's a book I actually own a good percentage of the print run of. (Yeah, like .0001, but it's like a quest: gotta get 'em all! So no one else has to read it...)

Anyway, Timothy Truman writes and draws a pretty good, gritty sci-fi pulp version of Hawkman; even if it jacks up Hawkman's continuity for, um, ever. Although, I think it had been established even before then that Thanagarians, or at least the Hawk Police, are total dicks. Katar Hol's still the biggest asshole in the Justice League, but compared to the rest of his people, he's a hippie peacenik.

Man, I read this again, and can't believe DC tried to make Hawkworld in-continuity: it's kind of depressing. Katar abuses drugs, kills two innocent people including his own dad, and is about twenty years older than Shayera...and even Shayera's super-depressing, for reasons I won't spoil here. Plus, there's a line where Katar is surprised to see a human...which he should be, since he should say Thanagarian or something. Seems like this should've had an Elseworlds label on it and left it at that.

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