Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hawkwoman's usually pretty tough, but...

Hmm. Apparently, Katar sleeps commando. Did not need to know that...
...waking up next to your husband, who has been turned into a gorilla? Yeah, that's worth an "Eek!"

From Super-Team Family #3, written by Steve Skeates, pencils by Ric Estrada, inks by Wally Wood. This one has some just terrible chapter titles ("Gorilla My Dreams," "Six and Seven Apes," and "Planned it for the Apes") and the bad guy that you would expect, but there are some amusing bits. After Hawkman turns into a gorilla, he puts on his wings and takes off; but not before scuttling Hawkwoman's gear. Shiera goes to the nearest JLA member to her, the Flash; which doesn't sit real well with Iris West:

As you'd expect, it all comes out in the end. I don't know when in continuity all the JLA's spouses, friends, and neighbors were all on the same phone tree, as in Identity Crisis, but at this point Shiera didn't know Iris, so couldn't tell her who she was or why she wanted to see Barry...who's actually a bit of a tool to Black Canary in this issue, too:
Yeah, I'm sick of coming up here and seeing Superman's ugly mug!
So, the characters weren't as vanilla-bland has they had been for some time, but you'd have to say they weren't quite there yet.

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