Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"And Lady Not-Appearing-In-This-Movie."

It's hard to pass up a free action figure: I had four bucks worth of points from K-Mart's reward program, and found The Bridge Direct's Hobbit six-inch Tauriel figure for four bucks, so...

I haven't got around to seeing the first Hobbit movie yet, but I guess warrior elf woman Tauriel doesn't appear, or at least appear much, until the second one. I also don't think relative newcomer Bridge Direct's six inch figures are quite at the level of the old Toy Biz Lord of the Rings line, but that would be a tough benchmark to hit right out of the gate. Tauriel's not a bad-looking figure, with fairly decent sculpt and mass-market paint. The likeness on the face seems pretty strong. The articulation isn't quite there, though; but part of that is the design, and the long plastic hair and skirt blocks other points.

The Hobbit toys came in a 3 3/4 inch and 6-inch scales: Tauriel here is six-inch, but the character must be shorter than I would have expected, like under five feet tall. (In six-inch scale, one inch equals one foot: a six-foot tall person would be a six-inch figure. Bilbo Baggins, being three foot something, would have a figure three inches and change tall.) Still, not bad, especially for free!

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