Monday, July 29, 2013

And we're back! Maybe? Kind of?

Sigh. Every year, I come back from vacation, sit down to start posting, and realize I haven't read a comic or picked up a figure all week. Haven't read a blog or Twitter either, or seen a movie. Or any TV: I think I'm an episode behind on Under the Dome, which I'm kind of enjoying even though I don't think it needs to go on for five years or anything. My dad and I had planned on seeing the Lone Ranger, but we had to wait for a plumber and missed it.

I did do a bit of reading, though. I read Star Trek: Planet of Judgment (written by Joe Haldeman, and now I want to re-read The Forever War) and That Which Divides, then the X-Men novel Watchers on the Walls. The latter presents a very interesting problem for the X-Men, but I thought it also telegraphed the solution...

I re-read Stephen King's Full Dark, No Stars and Rage. I still really enjoy Rage even though I understand why King has let that one go out of print and stay that way.

Back to normal posting tomorrow, I think: I may have to catch up a little!

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Dale Bagwell said...

ha ha, happy catching up man.
Hey quick question; what's your new address? You can email it or FB message it to me.

Glad you're back in the trenches with the rest of us though:)