Thursday, December 03, 2015

80-Page Thursdays: Vertigo Quarterly CMYK #3!

Quick one today: from 2014, Vertigo Quarterly CMYK #3, featuring stories and art from João M. P. Lemos, Toril Orlesky, Fabio Moon, and more. This is the third of Vertigo's four CMYK issues, and this issue is yellow. It's also a bit more impressionistic than the Cyan issue we saw last week, which isn't necessarily my tastes, but some of the art is striking.

The highlights, for me anyway, were Gerald Way and Phillip Bond's "Untitled," Marguerite Bennett and Bill Sienkiewicz's "Playthings," and Benjamin Read and Christian Wildgoose's "The Cataphract of the Yellow Lotus." Three pretty good ones out of ten, but again we're on the sliding scale of cheapness, since I got this for under two bucks.

Hmm. I didn't think I had CMYK #2, but I do! Maybe next time.

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