Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"Job Abandonment."

Best guess, but Lex has been with the Justice League for almost two years, but thanks to sliding schedules, crossovers, and multi-chapter epics; it feels like he's only been there for two, maybe three adventures? Versus the Crime Syndicate, the current Darkseid storyline, and, um...presumably, some others? Maybe?

If DC gave me Justice League to write--which would be the most crack-addled idea since, well, crack--my solemn pledge would be at least a year of single-issue stories. No crossovers. Because I'm sure I'd have the pull to be able to opt out of 'em, absolutely. Bonus round? Twelve issues without a hero vs. hero fight, at least in terms of fisticuffs. They would argue like there was no tomorrow, but save the punch-ups for actual villains.


SallyP said...

I would practically kill to have a year with no crossovers! Also, if you wrote it... it would be GOOD!

Dale Bagwell said...

Agreed, it damn sure would be. And man, does it sound very Giffeneque in some places, which is never a bad thing.

I think Hero vs. Villain stories for a year at least, should be absolutely mandatory at both companies, ESPECIALLY Marvel!

Surprised Luthor's still around as JL'er though. Hasn't that shit gotten old yet?

googum said...

If you have the first Giffen issue of Justice League, the text page mentions him just repeatedly hissing "Justice League" at the editor until he got the job. ("Jjjjjjjussssstice League," I imagine.)

Easy plot: a couple break into Lexcorp and steal some advanced weapons, that are seemingly tailor-made for defeating the League. Is this part of Luthor's plan, or something else? Fight scene where the team gets pasted and the bad guys escape, some harsh words with Luthor, a bit of investigation, rematch where the heroes use teamwork and switch-ups to win, plot twist, reversal, done!

SallyP said...