Thursday, December 08, 2016

80-Page Thursdays: Marvel Super-Heroes #14!

During a recent visit to Portland, OR, I got to visit Cosmic Monkey Comics, which I could've spent all day rummaging around in! I got a couple books I'd been looking for; and it's a great store, it's not their fault this issue was disappointing. From 1993, Marvel Super-Heroes #14, 80-Page Summer Special, featuring stories by Mike Rockwitz, Roy Thomas, David Michelinie, and more; and art by Ron Wilson, Bob McLeod, Greg LaRocque, and more.

We've got another three fill-in issues burned off here, featuring Iron Man, Dr. Strange, and Speedball. The Dr. Strange story actually ties into a previous fill-in, from Marvel Super-Heroes #12, with magician's son Augustyne Phyffe struggling to come to terms with his powers. Which he eventually does, by deciding to give them up: he had some natural talent, but not the skill for the game.

It's far from the best of this series, yeah. Still, we got some other issues that we'll save for the end of the year.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Hey, you know how it is with those specials; a very mixed bag to say the least. I should know, since I own at least one or two myself.

Never heard of that Mike Rockowitz guy. I'd have to look him up to see what he did, m but he must not be in the industry anymore. Same with good ol' Ron Wilson. You defintiely don't see his work anymore.

Never heard of this Augustus Phyffe either. And he's smart enough to give up his powers? Yeah, he's probably regretting that one by now...if he's still alive that is.