Thursday, December 29, 2016

"The End" Week: Spider-Man 2099 #46!

We saw Doom 2099's last issue a couple years back, and now we finally catch up with the flagship 2099 title: from 1996, Spider-Man 2099 #46, "A House Divided" Story by Terry Kavanagh and Ben Raab, pencils by Mike McKone, inks by Harry Candelario, Matt Ryan, and Mike S. Miller.

Spider-Man 2099 #44 was Peter David's last issue, and the GCD notes some aspects were altered without his permission, like the reveal of the Goblin 2099. It was going to be the priest Father Jennifer, but instead here she's the hostage of the Vulture 2099. (They don't refer to each other with the 2099's!) Also, the latest Atlantean invasion continues, here claiming two casualties: Miguel's mom Conchata, and dad Tyler Stone. The latter had been one of the main villains the bulk of the series.

The Alchemax building is blown up, and as it collapses Miguel wonders what the next chapter of his life as Spider-Man will be like. Short: he would appear in the short-lived 2099: World of Tomorrow, then in the coda prestige one-shot 2099: Manifest Destiny. That also features Mike McKone art, and was a nice wrap-up/sendoff for the 2099 line: it's also squarebound so I can't scan any of it for you, but dig it up! Skip this one, though.

Since his costume was virtually tailor-made to be an alternate video game costume, Spidey 2099 managed to keep showing up here and there, and has actually had two first issues and a last one since this one: with Peter David, Miguel would return for 12 issues in 2014-2015, then start his current series late 2015 with a new costume. I'm not sure it's selling well, but he's getting an action figure soon, which I'm hoping will make me like the new costume more...


CalvinPitt said...

I picked up the entire run of Spider-Man 2099 a couple of years ago, and it really seemed to falter after maybe issue 33. Somewhere around the time Venom 2099 showed up.

I think they were trying to incorporate more of what was going on in the other books, but it made me feel like I was missing issues when I wasn't. Plus, Rick leonardi was gone by then.

Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

I really don't know why Miguel is more popular, especially if Peter David's been writing him. Personally I dug and followed the X-Men 2099's adventures a lot more than poor Miguel. He does have a pretty cool costume, and the new one's growing on me even though I prefer the original one instead. The newer one does make a pretty sweet figure though.

Have they collected any of these 2099 runs yet?

CalvinPitt said...

Dale, I know Spider-Man 2099's had a few collections, at least through the first two years. and there was one for Warren Ellis' Doom 2099 run that came out maybe two years ago. I don't know beyond that.