Thursday, December 15, 2016

Somehow, more quarters than I ever dropped on the game.

From 2007, Dragon's Lair #4, script by Ryan Foley, plot by Andy Mangels, art by Fabio Laguna. I got this out of a quarterbox a couple weeks back, but I never played the 1983 game as a kid, because it was a then-exorbitant fifty cents a play. Same as this comic now! (For comparison purposes, August 1983's Fantastic Four #257 was sixty cents.)

Laguna does a pretty spot-on Don Bluth-style, and it's a fun issue; although I don't know if it would be worth getting the rest of the series. I have an issue or two of Robert Kirkman's Space Ace, and wouldn't mind seeing how that ended...

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Dale Bagwell said...

I actually did play this arcade game back in the early 90's. It had pretty good graphics for the time, but seeing as how I kept dying, it was never one that held my attention for too long....not when other arcade games like TMNT, any marvel game out, Street fighter, and Mortal Kombat all vying for my attention.

But Robert Kirkman wrote Space Ace? Oh god I can only imagine how bad of an ending that one got.And when I say bad, I mean depressing. Was it?