Tuesday, December 27, 2016

"The End" Week: Justice League America #113!

If you've been reading comics for some time, you might remember Keith Giffen and J. M. DeMatteis's reinvention of the Justice League; or you might recall Grant Morrison's return to the big seven. You may not be familiar with the ending between those two. From 1996, Justice League America #113, "The Purge, 3rd and Final: To All Our Company" Written by Gerald Jones, pencils by Chuck Wojtkiewicz, inks by Will Blyberg and Prentis Rollins.

While members of Extreme Justice and the upcoming JLA search for them, most of the then-current Justice League was missing in space: Nuklon, Obsidian, Blue Devil, Power Girl, Fire, and Ice Maiden. Along with a version of El Diablo, they were helping the alien Yazz against slave trader Flicker--whose name has to be a joke, since in comic lettering...well, it's a little dicey. If the printing isn't clear, the L and the I can run together and look like a U. Which is why you sometimes don't see names like "Clint," for that matter.

With their powers neutralized by slaver manacles, Blue Devil manages to get the team loose, by sexually harassing Power Girl. He's doing it to get her mad enough to break free (and has the presence of mind to frame Flash for it, since Wally had been pretty bad when they were in the JLE!) but it's still sketchy. Flicker is defeated, and Yazz decides to use his teleportation tech to help other alien refugees; writing him out of the title. Some of the other Leaguers seem not to notice it coming, but others plan on moving on, since it already seemed like the team would be changing. This isn't an awful issue, but nowhere near as memorable as what came before or after.

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Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

I only had the Zero Issue of this run I think. No, I think I might've had #92, but can't be sure. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't the big leagues either. I think the art hurt it, looking too cartoony, but was the 90's, and there was worse art back then, so...And it to think, they started with Wally and Not Wonder Woman, and that's what was left...