Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Almost a rebuttal of a retcon, here.

Before Hastings started their bankruptcy-palooza sale, I got a ton of DC's Convergence mini-series for a price so cheap I pretty much had to buy them. In large part, they boil down to straight-up fight comics, as various DC (and Wildstorm) cities and times were trapped under a mysterious, power-draining dome; then get orders to fight each other or die. Today's book features a little more...not much, but still. From 2015, Convergence: Green Lantern/Parallax #1-2, "Crime and Punishment" and "The Parallax View" Written by Tony Bedard, pencils by Ron Wagner, inks by Bill Reinhold.

In a recognizable, modern-day (or recent) version of Metropolis, Kyle Rayner is the current Green Lantern..."for about five minutes." The dome went up shortly thereafter, and while he still had the ring, it had no power. And neither does a certain "celebrity inmate," who turned himself in to the Metropolis PD: Hal Jordan, the confessed murderer of the Guardians of the Universe. Hal is sick with guilt over his crimes, but Kyle believes he didn't commit them, Parallax did: while in continuity, Parallax was revealed to be an external force that controlled Hal, here Kyle seems to just take it on faith, that Hal couldn't have broken bad. Even hearing that Batman and Superman don't blame him doesn't sway Hal, though, who feels with his willpower, losing control was unforgivable.

When the unseen Telos announces "today your captivity, turns to competition," Kyle has only a moment to sweat not having powers, before his ring reactivates with the same charge it had when the dome went up. He's about to recon when he realizes, if he got his power back...Parallax also returns, at full power, and anxious to make up for lost time. Kyle tries to talk Hal down, and is making progress when he's attacked by the forces of Electropolis, led by Princess Fern. I thought her outfit made her look like Plastic Man's kid or something, but she's the daughter of Lady Quark from Crisis on Infinite Earths. Kyle gets zapped from behind, but even with electric weapons and Fern's plant-controlling powers, their forces are no match for Parallax, who zips over to Electropolis to destroy it, since evil or not, Kyle was still a bro.

Kyle arrives to defend Electopolis, if they'll withdraw from attacking Metropolis; their general says they will, but lets Fern continue her attack. Eventually, Parallax puts Kyle in a rocket and sends him back to Metropolis, where Kyle has no choice but to defend his city, even though he knows Parallax will destroy Electropolis, which he does, causing Fern and her troops to vanish. Still, Kyle's ring can't detect where Parallax went, either...but he knows Hal is long gone. We don't see the parasite fear version of Parallax this issue; and while I know Para-Hal would appear in the Convergence main series (I believe as the next boss up, after Deimos) I don't know if the question of whether Hal was controlled, or gone bad, came up there. I almost feel they were leaning towards the latter.


Dale Bagwell said...

Seems like it doesn't it? I only have the first issue, so I need to track down the how it ends. I believe they were going off the viewpoint at the time that there wasn't an evil alien parasite controlling Hal, it was Hal having a long bad day a la Falling Down, that caused Parallax. Always felt bad for Hal during this time period. He could've been anyone of us who was just trying to get back all the lives he lost, while losing everything else in the process.

I hear ya' on the Fern part tho. It really does look like she was related to Plas.

SallyP said...

I was doing my best to pretend that none of this is actually in continuity.

Gosh...I do miss continuity.