Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Hal Jordan's Birthday!

Really, according to an old DC calendar with that sort of thing, it's Green Lantern's birthday. And in honor of this momentous occasion, we're having reruns! Enjoy.


SallyP said...

HaHAH! One of my favorites! Gotta love those helmets.

So...Hal's birthday eh? Does that make him a Pisces?

Sea-of-Green said...

Man, I wish I still had that old calender. From the '70s, right? It had the birthdays of EVERYONE in it. It was awesome! It even had dates for things like when Black Canary left Earth 2 for Earth 1, and stuff like that.

Yep, Hal's a Pisces. Figures. :-)

SPLENDID as usual, Googum!

Anonymous said...

That was so funny! It reminded me of Twisted Toyfare Theater.

I always figured Hal for a Scorpio or a Leo myself.

Duskdog said...

This makes me unbelievably happy.

And Ollie totally does need a vasectomy for his birthday. That's like the smartest thing Hal has ever said.

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CAZ said...

Love this! LOL!