Thursday, February 26, 2009

Timing, part twenty-nine.

A Timing post, without Nightcrawler and Deadpool? Shocker! Another short page will be up tomorrow, so check back.

EDIT: Oh, hell, I suppose I should mention: I have never read a comic with Isis, and I don't remember her TV show from the seventies. I wrote her as a standard butt-kicking superwoman, except she only speaks ancient Egyptian. Isis doesn't care if you understand her words or not, since her fists get the message across just fine. I think I bent one of her elbows, too: it didn't quite break, but Isis will be handled with kid gloves from here on.

Her opponent, um, is that Monev the Gale? From Trigun? Yeah. This is the stealth version, with lots of clear plastic, but if that thing sneaks up on you, you kinda deserve to be shot a little. A helluva toy, apparently it is stealthy: it was a gift, and I had just about forgot I had him.

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SallyP said...

Magnificent! You have the Punisher's dialogue down just perfectly. Not to mention Isis's.