Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Like tabasco and coffee, Bill Sienkiewicz and the nine-panel grid:

Two tastes you wouldn't think go great together, but work pretty well.

Off the top of my senile little head, I can't recall him doing a lot of nine-panel pages, but here's one from Moon Knight #9 (first series), "Vengeance in Reprise" Written by Doug Moench, art by Bill Sienkiewicz. Even though it would probably be easier, maybe even cheaper, to just buy the Essentials, I keep piecing together the missing issues of the classic first Moon Knight. I am a little sad that I'm missing, long since lost or swiped, my copies of his guest spots in Iron Man, Amazing Spider-Man, and even the Fist of Khonshu first issue.

Anyway, I'm working on a longer post for Friday, and more Timing tomorrow.
And this "Read More!" didn't really go anywhere either. Sorry.