Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Timing, to date! 57 pages! No ads! Except the ones on the sidebar, I guess.

I started Timing December 1, or started posting it then anyway. There were even a couple of Nightcrawler and Deadpool strips leading up to it, starting in November. (Over) Two and a half months later, and I'm not quite done yet...so it's probably time for a recap!

So far I count sixty-five different action figures used. The main accessory, the time distorter, is just a Vulcan scanner from Art Asylum's Enterprise line. I also subbed in a Dragon Ball as the Skrull Bible, as seen in Secret Invasion: X-Men#1, and pretty much forgotten about before that series even ended. Also, the Skrull Bible episode, "While I Was Out," wasn't intended to be part of this mess, but falls in because on the page after, Kurt mentions Pool's return.

A big thanks to BloggerStop.Net for help setting up the "Read More" tags. It took me several tries, but this would be way too big to have on the main page. Click to enlarge, and I hope you like 'em!

Page from Uncanny X-Men #385, "Shell Game" By Chris Claremont, German Garcia, Michael Ryan and Randy Green; inks by Panosian, Pepoy, and Ketcham.

So, why do I make these? Aside from the fun, that is. I like crossover comics. I like characters and things from other worlds mixing together, especially when they usually wouldn't get the chance to. I like taking a look at the things I enjoy in comics and showing them off, but I also like bagging on the stuff I can't stand, too. I like Nightcrawler, but I kinda think he's appeared in more pages here than he has at Marvel lately...

When I started the strips with Deadpool, though, Cable/Deadpool was winding down, and it looked like it was going to be a bit until he got another book. Now, with his appearance in Wolverine: Origins coming up, Marvel is ramping up a ton of Deadpool appearances. I don't know that I'm going to buy every last one of them, but I hope to pick up the best of the lot.

Including maybe a figure or two, but that's a discussion for another time. Timing will continue Mondays and Thursdays well into March, so check back later, eh?

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SallyP said...

Magnificent! Literally a cast of thousands. Frankly, between the Nightcrawler and Deadpool Show, and the Itty Saga going on over at Sea of Green's blog, it's as though I don't even have to BUY comics!

It is appreciated!