Friday, February 27, 2009

Timing, part thirty.

This gets weirder, and more guest-stars next week! "Duck Vs. Monkey" is actually a Bible-themed game that came with Rod and Todd Flanders in the Simpsons line from Playmates. The game pieces are all little things I've picked up for the Youngest from vending machines and whatnot. Finding them led to this, which is going off on a whole new tangent now.

I was hoping to have double posts this week, but it didn't work out. Should still be a surprisingly topical Happenstance panel up later this afternoon. It's a panel from over...god, fifteen, twenty years ago? Woof.


Sea_of_Green said...

I dunno -- I think "Duck vs. Monkey" sounds like a fun game! GO DUCK!

SallyP said...

Actually having their wayward time-travellers getting drunk in the hangar, is a surprisingly pragmatic solution to the whole problem. I'd expect the Punisher to be on board for that.