Friday, February 20, 2009

Your Happenstance panel for today:

From Green Lantern Corps #218, "Inside Some Other Skies!" Written by Steve Englehart, guest pencils by Bill Willingham, inks by Mark Farmer. A pretty solid issue, but coming up on the end of the book's run. Even though Hal Jordan only appears on one page, out of uniform in a subplot about being blacklisted as a pilot, within a year he would be the only Green Lantern: apparently, DC decided that being Green Lantern wasn't "special" enough if there were hundreds of them, which I'd say is missing the point of GL.

Flodo Span, the blobbyonethattalks allruntogetherlikethis, hadn't been around but a couple of issues, but was already a favorite of mine. He was an abstract lifeform, whose body was actually generated by the power ring, which makes me think he wasn't alive before the ring. I like to picture the Guardians creating a power ring that spontaneously generates it's own Lantern. Still, Flodo would be killed in the last issue of the series.

Flodo may have fared better than poor Katma, though: she was killed off-panel by Star Sapphire in an early issue of Action Comics Weekly. (#601 or #602, I think.) She deserved better.


SallyP said...

Katma was a fabulous character, and she did indeed deserve better than a cheap sensationalistic off-panel death on her own kitchen floor in a book that wasn't even her own.

*pant pant* a little carried away there.

Sleestak said...

I recall a GL who's body was blasted, dead and decomposing kept animate by his ring.

googum said...

Yeah, Driq, I think. It wasn't really clear if he even wanted to be alive, since I got the impression his ring didn't want to lose him. He'd be a fun one to see back in that Black Lantern business. Or Katma, for that matter; but I doubt we'll see either.