Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Because Mr. Miracle deserves a better class of villain.

Scott's cape is rock-solid, so he couldn't get chained to a chair, no.
Besides Granny Goodness and Darkseid and all, that is. Can you even name a Mr. Miracle bad guy that's not Fourth World related? Admittedly, fighting Darkseid would probably take up a lot of his time, but still, I think it would do him some good to be more involved in the regular DC Universe.

It would either be really fun or really annoying to watch a Saw movie with Scott, though, since that's a movie franchise tailor-made for him to yell advice at the screen. He'd probably be full of either helpful yet impractical advice, like how to breathe in and expand your chest before being chained up, or how to dislocate any of your fingers at will; or unhelpful impractical advice: "Use your Mother Box! Laser torch! Belt jets! By Highfather, do you want to die?!"

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We have actually seen a couple of non-Fourth World Mr. Miracle villains here; although I'm not sure if either were more than one-shots: Alianna and Cosimo. Alianna may have been more of an antagonist than straight-up bad guy, and Cosimo was from the Brave and the Bold, home of one-use-only villains. Over at his site, MightyGodKing may have rediscovered a Legion foe that would be a good match for Mr. Miracle.

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SallyP said...

Put me down for the really funny version of Scott watching Saw. It would be better than Mystery Science Theatre 3000!