Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh, yeah, I said I'd have another post today...

(sound of shuffling papers, a coffee cup knocked over, and barking.)

No, I'm a little better prepared than that. Sort of. I did a Show and Tell post over at Poe Ghostal's Points of Articulation! It's a tribute to a favorite figure of mine, that I don't think has appeared here yet. It came out better than I had hoped, since Toy Bender's Paul took my first choice, Robocop. Look, I had a photo ready and everything!

Then I started reading old Marvel Robocop comics and got all distracted and here we are. Paul's turned out better, anyway. I do maintain a soft spot for Robo not just because of my love of the character, but because the old-school figure was (probably) the first toy I bought for myself after eight or nine crappy years of "being too old for toys."

Anyway, getting back to thanking Poe: he's a big Hellboy fan, and just finished a huge Show and Tell on figures from the Hellboy comics. (The movies, and the animated style figures, would probably need their own posts!) Since he's a big Hellboy fan, and since I had been looking for an excuse to post this one, here's a Hellboy cameo I had almost forgotten, from Mike Allred's Madman:
I don't know if we ever see Hellboy giving out candy again, but I guess we don't see him not giving it out...
From Madman Comics #5, from Dark Horse in 1995. I miss the old Legend imprint, with the Easter Island head logo from Mike Mignola as well. It would probably be a colossal pain, but there really should be a Hellboy Apocrypha collection, with his crossover appearances like this, and Ghost, the Goon, Starman and Batman, Painkiller Jane, Savage I forgetting any? That would be a solid book. Anyway, thanks again to Poe and Paul!

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