Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Your Happenstance page for today:

Entirely too much mustache coming at you from Astonishing Tales #34, featuring Deathlok the Demolisher; "And all the King's Madmen..." Produced, concept, plot and art by Rich Buckler; script by Bill Mantlo and inks by Klaus Janson. The "produced" tag never really caught on for comics, did it? Although, when I think of producers in terms of movies, I usually think "the guy that fronted the money."

I swear, I thought I saw Essential Deathlok in the Marvel solicits, but after a quick search, I either imagined it or saner heads prevailed. The collected Deathlok might not be a modern classic, but hey, it's not like Essential Werewolf by Night or Essential Godzilla are bloody Shakespeare, and I'm sure as hell glad I've got those. A collected Deathlok would be so much easier than trying to track all his appearances down; since I know he also showed up in Marvel Two-In-One and possibly Marvel Team-Up before his showing in Captain America in the eighties.

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Sea-of-Green said...

I swear, that big head looks like Dum-Dum Dugan!