Friday, July 17, 2009

Your Happenstance Panel for Today:

Next time, suspend time before talking about suspending time...
Since we spent most of the week with this issue, we'll get one more panel out of it. Reprinted in Justice League of America #146, "100 Issues Ago" from Justice League of America #46, "Crisis between Earth-One and Earth-Two!" Written by Gardner Fox, art by Mike Sekowsky and Sid Greene. I read that story in one of the big black-and-white Showcase reprint volumes. It's not great, but it's a pretty good example of how I picture the Spectre.

My first readings of the character were the more...light reprints from Adventure Comics digests. I'm used to seeing the Spectre do weird stunts like stretching, growing as large as a planet, that sort of thing. The instrument-of-god's-wrath, melting criminals like candles stuff is out of place for me. I haven't read new Spectre stuff, except in passing. I remember the JLA issue guest-starring Hal Jordan as the (then) new Spectre, really hammered on the theme of redemption. Hal may have been more suited for stuff like the above; and I don't know much about the new version.

That's it for this week, and have a good weekend!

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SallyP said...

It isn't too often that you see the Spectre get pwned. (is that the correct term and spelling? I'm not up on this "internet" lingo)

But it did make me snicker.