Friday, July 31, 2009

Possibly the last deleted scene from "Timing"?

Hoo, boy. Way back in Timing, part 23; Deadpool had brought several dozen characters out of their proper places in time, by dicking around with the temporal distorter he got from MODOK. This was pretty much an excuse to throw a bunch of toys into a crowd scene, yeah. Hellraiser's Pinhead and Sulley from Monsters, Inc. were there, since I had initially planned a lot more interaction among the displaced refugees: there was going to be an Old Admiral Kirk vs. young Captain Kirk bit as well, but that one dragged on and I couldn't wrap it up. (I also needed McCoy there for one of the jokes, where the Admiral tries to get the doctor to give his younger self a vasectomy right on the spot.)

I bagged those ideas, justifying the cut by figuring that they would kill any forward momentum the narrative had, which wasn't a helluva lot in the first place. Timing had a set ending vaguely in mind when I started, but a lot of those figures were bought after I started, so it definitely wasn't planned out. But Sulley and Pinhead, I wanted them together since I figured they'd have tons in common! Both's raison d'etre is to cause great fear (meaning their Sinestro Corps t-shirts and probably in the mail), both live in shadowy realms connected to ours by mysterious artifacts (the Lament Configuration is a little more dramatic than the bedroom closet, unless you're four), um...both are blue. Ish.

James P. Sullivan, as his little voice chip introduces himself, was initially the Oldest's figure, back when he was an only child. It has long since passed on to the Youngest, who has a pretty good haul of Pixar figures, now that I think about it. (Are there Up figures? Seems unlikely, but...) I know I had to change Sulley's batteries when the Youngest was younger, and seriously bent out of shape when the figure stopped talking.

I was working in a mall when NECA's Pinhead came out--check out Shocka's review from here! I seem to recall there were six figures in the case, the full wave; and get them all and you could make your own Lament Configuration ("evil puzzley box" for non-fans) out of their bases. I bought Pinhead straightaway, which left the rest of the Cenobites lingering on the racks. I bought CD much, much later, marked down to like $2.50. Good idea on the box-building, bad idea on not packing Pinhead maybe a bit heavier.

And this one's way late posting, too: I know full well July has thirty-one days, since my birthday's August 1! Still on vacation, though, so I hope you're having fun as well!

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