Monday, July 27, 2009

They say there's someone out there for everyone, but...

With Grimlock there, that's the Daikū Maryū, or Space Dragon, from Gaiking. Pretty sure it was way bigger, so we're not to scale here. I have an old videotape with the first two episodes of the old Force Five dubs--from a box set of four of said five, omitting Spaceketeers; no great loss. I didn't remember Gaiking as clearly as the others. Grandizer is still my favorite, and Danguard Ace was a bit better than I remembered.

What were these figures called? Heroes of Cybertron, wasn't it? I still have a packaged Megatron one, since I got a silver-finished one off eBay or somewhere. I got the Daikū Maryū as part of a loose set from a local store, with Grandizer, Mazinger, Combattler, and the three versions of Getter Robo. I was completely blanking on the names until I looked it up: it was called Starvengers in America, and there were three jets that combined into a giant robot. Depending on the order they combined, they could form three different robots: Star Dragon, Star Arrow, and Star Poseidon. Even though I don't think they ever even went into space...I still have the VHS for the Getter Robo OVA's from years back. Combattler's the only one I've never seen at all.

Every few years, I go on a giant robot kick. Could be coming back around again.

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