Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Sigh. I keep saying longer strips will return, and they will; but I've got three Wednesday's worth done and wanted to keep that cushion. That and man, there haven't been a ton of new figures out here recently. The new batch of DC Universe Classics is yet to appear, and I was kind of waiting for the DC Direct Manhunter. I still sort of want a Marvel Universe Captain America, or at least an Iron Man. And yet...not much out there. Or I'm being cheap. Or both.

I don't suppose anyone else out there wants to pick up the multi-line 3.75-inch (or thereabouts) comparison challenge for me? Spock and Superman both seem a bit short, but I'm pleased to see Batman looks a bit taller than I had thought. I think he's taller than Supes. There's a Jack Sparrow and a Tron figure in there for no reason...

If I've never mentioned it here, I loved Battle of the Planets as a kid; even if looking back it is probably the most edited, piecemeal hackjob ever made of an anime in getting it kid-friendly and Americanized. I still think of the characters by the American names: Jason is from a DVD box set. Mark, Princess, and Keyop were fairly available in my area, but the second wave with helmeted Jason, Tiny, and Zoltar was nowhere to be found. Really oughta eBay that one of these days. At any rate, Gatchaman is the only G-Force I'll recognize.

And here's something I thought was weird: every once in a while, checking the toy aisles, I'll check out the Wolverine figures in the hopes that they'll finally go on sale. At least a buck or two down would be a lot more tempting, right? I still see the occasional Deadpool figure, like the one pictured here. But not the movie version. Did a chill just go down your spine? The unrecognizable Pool with swords sticking out of his arms is sold out? Maybe? What's up with that? Also, whenever I do a few posts without Wade, I forget what a pain in the ass it is to fill his balloons in with his signature yellow. Probably an easier way to do that...

Maybe, if the day goes well, I'll get another post up. If you're good. And maybe if you're not.

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SallyP said...

A hoot as usual. have a new chair!